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Movement, Awareness, Strength, Joy, Aloha , Health

We have Partnered with NMD Studios , offering Kids and Teens dance of all kinds 

Aerobics is included in many of the 7:30am classes , and we are looking to offer classes outside in the summer. 

Body Mantra Dance
or Yoga Dance
Our body's first language is breath and sensation. We feel. We move. We rest. We nourish.
We process emotions through our expressions and actions, and our life experiences live in our cells. 
 Some Choreography , some guided movements and some moving meditations . Some free dance, stretching.  Going inward and expressing outward . 
Crazy, wild, calm and nurturing. Popular songs, Epic scores, all kinds of dance music!! 
Come join us!
Yoga by the Sea
Dance & Sculpt
with Sally : Now offering on ZOOM only 
Want to push past your comfort zone, amp up your energy
and get fit? This is your class!!   Cardio is not just Cardio when
you are dancing ! High Vibes , Great Choreography, Physio balls,
weights and pure energy!  All levels welcome
* xtra fee
Dance Class
GIrl Running


A.M. Workouts 
with Sharon

Early morning circuits, strength training, cardio, boxing..... Great way to start your day! Class is small, with from 3-6people, so you will receive individual attention as well as being motivated!!
Now Training for Diva Dash in April outside ! 
7:30 am Fit
Fitness Class
Cardio  Fit Class 

Whether you are 35 or 85, strength training, mixed with some cardio- Aerobics, Zumba Gold, Circuits,  and stretching is invaluable to your fitness program! Each Class compliments each other - three days a week MWF
These ladies are inspiring ! 

Tao Fitness

group training AKA Warrior
 The Way of the way of Working out from working within.
This group training class incorporates breathing, movement, yoga, circuits, kick boxing,  new innovative workouts that bring out your strengths and call for your courage!
Special attention to proper form, alignment & functionality 

Sweaty Saturday 

Start your weekend  off right . Circuit Training  using Bosu, Rope Pull, Kettlebells, TRX, bands, steps, agility ladders...

tracey specializes in integrative and functional training
as well as mind/body dis- ease. 
* Parkinsons  
* Neuropathy 
* Rehab, post rehab 
* pain management & release 
* Get your MOJO Back 
programs ! 
* Maintain your Fit and Change it up ! 

Ally brings such creativity, enthusiasm to her clients of all ages , and specializes in innovative programs incorporating other modalities such as paint therapy and reiki .  

Kimberly is high energy, motivated and  all for you !  Bring the zest back into your life 
Join her in her group training classes 


Indoor Cycling, or Spinning , is such an amazing and unique venue for truly training your body , breath, responses, inner vision and focus. Deep awareness comes. We open the book of our imagination and visualization , as that is our first language and that is what we are subconsciously tuning into in any workout. 

As Athletes and Coaches know, any athletic event or workout , comes from deep inside first . A vision. A dream.. Indoor cycling is perfect for tapping into this.

Our Studio is darkened with little lights, Bikes in  circle - we have 16 bikes and lots of innovative rides happening 

Come join the experience . 

Spin Journey & Journaling 
Indoor Cycling meets Shamanic Journey 
Spin Journey is Traceys signature class, where visualization, receiving messages and insights and sacred cycle magic happens! 
Journaling adds another component , and is offered as a separate event class ! 
 All our spin classes are for all levels, beginners or avid cyclists- we have some of the best instructors in the industry, who will guide you, teach you form and riding techniques, while providing a venue for true motivation and transformation! 
Women Road Biking
Spin Yoga { YoSPIN}
1/2 hour spin and 1/2 hour Yoga. Everyone Loves this class! Great way to end a week! The yoga postures are specific for cyclists, and relaxation is restorative and healing. 
Offering 1/2 hr spin on fridays at 5pm right now 


Yoga is being. Come as you are. Yoga is unity. Community. sitting. preparation for meditation. Yoga enhances one's life, heals. All are welcome, gentle smiles and laughter. Certified trained teachers .
Winter moves into water, the bones, the bladder and kidneys. We move deeply into preparing for winter and listened. Replenishing , reflective and sensory , we began to shift during the sequences , and by the time we met again in sukhasana, we are in the conscious connection to nature and each other. 
Spring brings in the elements of sunshine and cleansing ! Liver , Gallbladder . Our practices support  the changing seasons , help keep pathways open through our breath , and balancing Prana/ Apana,  Space/Boundaries, Strength/ Felxilibity .....Active postures weaved into our sequences of renewal . 
Iyengar Yoga
Back Stretch
Amanda Ellis
Healing Yoga: 
Mudras, Pranayama, Gentle movement, basic postures and Inspiration. Feel your active breath and body, and then surrender into it, and the edges soften. There is no have tos or should bes. Just being in the breath of now. Reiki and Love are received during relaxation, and crystal bowls are sometimes played during class. 
Be nourished, and come alive into the beauty and grace of the living moment.
 Subtle Core Yoga & Pilates Intuitive Fusion
You are guided  into a deep awareness  of your core,  from where all movement comes, and the through asanas., assisted with form, bringing peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practice and allowing the edges to soften. This is a fluid movement of  core, breath and asana. Surrender into your peace, supported by community and holding space for one another.
Props: Bolsters, Foam Rollers, Blocks. 
Please bring your own, or we have some as well. 
Kundalini Yoga
Known as the Yoga of awakening, it focuses on awakening kundalini energy through regular practice of meditation, pranayama, chanting mantra and yoga asana. Each class is different, and specific for discovery, moving and exploring energies, while quieting the mind and honoring one's true identity as connected to Source
We are EXCITED to be launching a whole new Cape Kundalini   Offering !!   Coming Soon !!  .

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