~Class Descriptions~

  SOMA DANCE { or Yoga Dance }
Our body's first language is breath and sensation. We feel. We move. We rest. We nourish.
We process emotions through our expressions and actions, and our life experiences live in our cells. 
 Some Choreography , Some guided movements and  moving meditations . Some free dance, stretching .  Going inward , and expressing outward . 
Crazy , wild, calm and nurturing ; Popular songs, Epic scores, all kind of dance music !! 
Come join us !
 BOOT CAMPw/ Sharon
Early morning circuits, strength training, cardio, boxing..... Great way to start your day! Class is small, with from 4 to 10 people, so you will receive individual attention as well as being motivated!!  
LIFT OFF~ Cardio  Fit Class w/ Connie
Weight lifting is not just for Bodybuilders, and knows no age limits! Whether you are 35 or 85, strength training, mixed with some cardio and stretching is invaluable to your fitness program!
Dance & Sculpt w/ Sally
Want to push past your comfort zone, amp up your energy and get fit? This is your class!!   Cardio is not just Cardio when you are dancing ! High Vibes , Great Choreography, Physio balls, weights and pure energy!  All levels welcome
* xtra fee 
Pilates Fusion w/ Joni 
Pilates mat with weights after the order . 
Spinning / Indoor Cycling
SpinJourney is our signature class, where visualization, receiving messages and insights and sacred citcle magic happens!  All our spin classes are for all levels, beginners or avid cyclists- we have some of the best instructors in the industry, who will guide you, teach you form and riding techniques, while providing a venue for true motivation and transformation! 
Total Body Dance w/ Sarah Swain 
Dance. Choreography. Excitement. Entertainment. Sweat! 
Sarah, singer songwriter, mom, activist, and founder of Cape Cod Collaborative teaches a high energy class for dancers who love choregraphy and people who want to move and smile and sweat! 
*xtra fee 
Join Kelly on Mondays at 6pm or Kierstyn at 8am for awesome classes!!  High energy, easy to follow, and fun fun!!
TAO FITNESS :  { group training AKA Warrior }4wk sessions start each month
  Working out and working within. This group training class incorporates breathing, movement, yoga, circuits, kick boxing,  new innovative workouts that bring out your strengths and call for your courage!
Sign up now, as we are beginning! Get your Warrior on. * xtra fee 
Our Pilates classes are taught by top instructors who know their stuff! Everything comes from the core, and you will be executing movements , sometimes using balls, rings and bands, to bring you into deep awareness of your body! 
Strengthening and Lengthening, you will feel different after your first class! 
Start your weeknd with this power hour! Circuit Training pulls out the stops, using Bosu, Rope Pull, Kettlebells, TRX, bands, steps, agility ladders... JUST DO IT! 
Spin Yoga
1/2 hour spin and 1/2 hour Yoga. Everyone Loves this class! Great way to end a week! The yoga postures are specific for cyclists, and relaxation is restorative and healing. 
Healing Yoga: 
Mudras, Pranayama, Gentle movement, basic postures and Inspiration. Feel your active breath and body, and then surrender into it, and the edges soften. There is no have tos or should bes. Just being in the breath of now. Reiki and Love are received during relaxation, and crystal bowls are sometimes played during class. 
Be nourished, and come alive into the beauty and grace of the living momen
   CORE Hatha and Pilates Intuitive Fusion
 You are guided  into a deep awareness  of your core,  from where all movement comes, and the through asanas., assisted with form, bringing peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practice and allowing the edges to soften. This is a fluid movement of  core, breath and asana. Surrender into your peace, supported by community and holding space for one another.
Kundalini Yoga:
Known as the Yoga of awakening, it focuses on awakening kundalini energy through regular practice of meditation, pranayama, chanting mantra and yoga asana. Each class is different, and specific for discovery, moving and exploring energies, while quieting the mind and honoring one's true identity as connected to Source. 
Naam Yoga: 
 A gentle, energetic and spiritual practice that works with sound therapy (mantra), mudra therapy (hand positioning), and breath work (pranayama) to balance the entire mind, body, and spirit for complete wellness. It is designed for all levels to be an enjoyable, accessible practice that purifies a person's electromagnetic field, opens the heart to love and light, and aligns them with their highest and best self. Merging Divine Spiritual Wisdom with the art and science of movement, it is a powerful self healing system that results in optimal health and vitality!
 *xtra fee
Gentle FlowWake Up  Yoga :
Gentle Breath work, Mudras, and postures. Begin your day in peace and joy, awakening into the beauty of a new day.  PIck your spirit animal card of the day to give insight and inspiration.  As you bring yourself into a space of gentle release and receiving, watch how your life changes!
gentle, healing restorative poses, Reiki Healing, Sound Healing .  Bliss.  

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